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Rates and Services

Below are some descriptions of our most popular requests. If your request does not seem to fit into one of these categories, please do not be discouraged. Fill out an inquiry from to discuss your needs with us. Please note, that I think everyone deserves photographs of their moments at a price they can afford. Please do not shy away because of cost, reach out and let's work together. To see examples of each session, please click the images above each descriptor. Thanks for browsing and I look forward to hearing from you.


Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Some have small, intimate gatherings and others have huge parties with everyone in town. everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams., but they are not a one shoe fits all and s0, I offer two options:

1- Hourly at $200.00 per hour

2- 10 hours for a total of $1500. 


Over the years I have found there are two meanings to the word: capturing the actual engagement/asking to be married and the pictures of the couple before the wedding. The first is usually a surprise session set up by the proposer. The latter contains photos of the couple together. Sometimes used for announcements before the wedding or for display at the reception.

If you have signed a contract with me for a wedding, this session will cost you $125.00 per hour. Without a contract, the hourly rate is $150.00.


Bridals are the perfect way for the bride to be the spotlight at the reception, even before she arrives from the ceremony. Many brides use this session as a trial run with hair and makeup to work with their artists before the big day. Some also use it as a chance to try out a florist. These photos are usually displayed as quests enter the reception and after the wedding the bride may hang them in house or some give them to their parents. With a signed contract for a wedding, this session runs $125.00 an hour and $150.00 an hour without a signed contract.

Senior Portraits

How exciting to graduate from something you have worked long and hard on- high school, college, masters, doctorate, anything you feel is a time to celebrate.  Several outfits are welcome, you pick the location within appropriate travel travel distance. These accomplishments are expensive, so these sessions run $100 an hour. 


Families include small to large. We can work together to pick a location that works for us both and highlights your family. These sessions are $150.00 per hour.


Maternity sessions are meant to capture the moments of a glowing mom to be- even if it is not your first child. We will work together to find a location that best fits you. Sessions run $150.00 and hour.

Little Guys. Birthdays, Parties and more

As a general rule, sessions run $150.00 per hour. Contact us to set something up today.

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